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Here to tell you the truth Tell you I'm nervous Tell you my story Tell you I'm worth it Tell you my flaws and my faults and my doubts Give you my heart and what's left of it now Tell you my hurt Tell you my pain Tell you the thoughts I keep trapped in my brain Tell you that nothing's the same Tell you I'm nothing much more than a man And tell you I fear I may never find love Tell you I'm getting in touch with above And right now can't deny that I'm scared all this music I wrote won't compare or warrant the buzz Alone in my room, dissecting each line that I rhyme I don't know how I finished on time Missed the drop date 3 times, I know that I let you all down Well I was the first in that line so Sever my soul from my body engulf in the music then give you something to relate This is somewhere to go when your heart becomes cold and your friends become fake As you stand on the edge of the world you feel like you're destined to break And your grandma is screaming "You're worthless! We knew this would happen with time but I think that we finally figured it out That we would just never work out I tried picking you up you tried pulling me down But now life without you is where happy is found And right now I'm just focused on music Trust you would lose it Ripped out my heart you abused and you used it When I gave you everything like "Girl wait, look! I wanna hang out yet you shutting me out And you put in no effort at all Now you got me confused like what did I do? Used to tell you if I make it I'll be bringing all of you Now, my circles are limited Few of y'all walked out and left I had no one to lose I got nothing to lose And nothing to gain by not telling the truth Been barely believing in love I seriou'ly don't even know if I do But if someone was ever to make me believe then that someone is you I promise it's you I never took action, you Snapchatting Asking me where all my music is at We're talking right now as I'm writing this rap You're someone I wish that I always could have And to be blatant, girl your name is.