Superhuman Teleportation Save Man Caught On CCTV Camera

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In September , a video was making its round through the Internet via YouTube. This buzzy video clip from a surveillance camera taken back in September but has resurfaced recently, causing a huge buzz online recently, most probably because a real-life superhero was caught on cam doing some superhero stuff. As you can see from the clip, it was a quiet, normal night somewhere in China until an old cyclist decides to cross the junction probably illegally, we don't know. And on the other side of the road, a van was seen speeding towards the cyclist. Just when you thought things won't end well for the poor old man, that was when the surveillance camera captured a mysterious hooded figure swooping out of nowhere in break neck speed and rescued the man. The driver of the van believes he hit the old man and he immediately stopped his vehicle to look under his van for a bloody mess, only to realise that the cyclist and the hooded hero have teleported to the other side of the road.